Winning my FIRST BIKINI competition

So it’s been 60 days since I wrote my last blog post on beginning a blog with the ambition to help motivate and inspire others.
As I mentioned within the first blog I was training for my first bikini competition which was held on April 6th in the Alban Arena in Hertsfortshire | Miami Pro World Championships.

I have been busy with studying so postponed writing on my blog until I had written and handed in my essay (we probably all know about the art of procrastination) .

Let me begin, so I prepped for my first bikini show since January 2014, it was trial and error because I didn’t invest in a professional who knew what I needed to do. What I know I stayed true to myself with sticking with the most natural diet without any added supplements. I aimed to nourish my body with the nutrients from food and not rely on protein shakes, pre workout or any other of the suggested products which these company’s try and sell you.

For me, the competition was purely me against me. I knew they would be many beautiful women who we’re going to be competing alongside myself so I mentally prepared myself for what ever happens- it’s all experience.
Leading up to the competition even stepping out infront of couple of people in a bikini seemed daunting so to be able to enter a stage with a arena full of people, 4 judges, to feel and show your confident was going to be a challenge in itself. If I was to be able to do this was a huge accomplishment whatever the result.

One of the ways I mentally prepared myself was to focus, take every day as it came and try my best with eating clean and training. This was sometimes very difficult as I work shifts which are based around 24hr care.
I thank my main support – my boyfriend Vlad, who pushed me to practice posing when I couldn’t find the energy to pick up those clear heels after a busy shift!

Myself and Vlad travelled to the competition together and the whole experience was a mixture of emotions mainly happy exciting feelings rather than the initially expected anxiety and stress.
We travelled down on the day before, I got my spray tan- with pro tan and we chilled in the hotel room. During the tan I met a lovely lady called Susan (Tokoflash) who was also competing! We had met on Instagram a couple of month prior to the competition so we chatted and took selfies afterwards which was fun😽
It was weird to see myself that dark/orange especially next to Vlad who was normal colour which made me look worse 😛

On the day we woke up early and I went for tan touch ups, I then got my hair and makeup done professionally. I managed my own hair and done my signature plait along the front.
The atmosphere outside the theatre prior to registering was memorable! I felt like I fitted in (colour wise) finally when I seen all the other competitors with their tanned skin! I was number 50.

After registration we had a Athletes Meeting💪 this was to discuss the plan for the day and to explore the rules of the day. After everyone went backstage to scramble over dressing rooms and plug sockets!
I kept telling myself ‘this it it’ all the prep the mixed emotions- it’s finally here🙏

My category was Bikini Tall Class B, which was made up of 10 beautiful ladies, including my friend Susan (Tokoflash) who I mentioned above 👭
At first we had a parade where all competitors of each category walked around the stage for the crowd, this was my first experience of stepping on a stage, my heart was racing and my nerves kicked in.

Leading up to my category, I worked on some breathing techniques to cope with the anxiousness, I also spoke and supported others around me who were also feeling the nerves.
I believe my main concern was forgetting my poses on stage and my prepared T walk which Vlad had helped me put together.

So it was my time to go on stage, as we lined up I’m preparation the other ladies were practicing their poses, they all looked incredible and In my eyes so much better than mine! I tried to remain focused, I was last to enter the stage, when my name was called and I walked to the centre my mind went blank, I was literally doing whatever came to my mind at the front, and then I remembered both my side poses thank god! It felt like it was over in a flash- after our individual walks, we then had a comparison round with all the ladies doing quarter turns- I felt better being alongside everyone knowing I wasn’t up there alone! Then we all go called to the back stage and 6 competitors we’re chosen to do another round of comparisons alongside each other. My number 50 was called out- I couldn’t believe my ears though persevered as prompted. My lips were actually shaking as I smiled! Thank god you can’t see it on the videos or pictures- it was like they were having a dance out of my control!
When we were asked to leave the stage a huge sense of relief washed over me, I felt so elated and hoped I had looked good on stage!

It was a couple of hours until the results so I went off with Vlad and my friend Sean who were both supporting me and we had a yummy Sunday dinner- the potatoes and gammon never tasted so good!!!

When the results were ready to be called it was around 21.00hrs, so you probably can imagine how it was waiting to see if I had placed. To be honest I wasn’t too hopeful about myself and entered the stage with the attitude of who ever wins will deserve it as everyone looked absolutely amazing! I didn’t think for a second id place any higher than 4th with the great line up.
As the numbers were called 5th, 4th, I looked along the line of the ladies and wished them luck as I didn’t think It could have been me especially not in the top 3.
Then as the 1st place call out was announced … NUMBER 50 🙉
I had to look and check my number- I was astonished!!! The host had to tell me to walk to the centre stage as I went off in a completely different direction! I was euphoric!!! For four month of ups and downs it had paid off!
I took home the trophy and medal for first place Ms Bikini Tall Class and it felt amazing!

Afterwards we headed to the local pub close to the arena to celebrate- with a lemonade and orange juice… I was craving this so bad! I also had some treats I had saved for after the competition. I couldn’t sleep (probably down to the sugar rush), I shared my win with my family and friends and the messages of support received meant so much to me.

If anyone is thinking about entering into such a competition I would 100% recommend it, even if you don’t place to put all your focus and energy into something which is purely for yourself is life changing. You learn so much about yourself throughout the journey, all the ups and downs were all worth it in the end! 💪

One thought on “Winning my FIRST BIKINI competition

  1. Congratulations once again my darling! This competition was a difficult challenge you went through successfully for your hard work, dedication, passion and positive attitude in all its stages. It was so exciting to see you from the crowd. I thought you were great and believed in you. And now I still cannot hide how proud I am of you and your victory!

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