Lunch Ideas

Warm chicken with steamy vegetables

  1. Chicken breast
  2. Steamed vegetables; broccoli, asparagus, sweetcorn
  3. Sweet potato


Wrap your chicken in foil and place in the oven for around 30/40 minutes on medium heat, put your desired vegetables in the steamer , chop your sweet potato (with or without skin) in the steamer and boil until soft.

Healthy tuna salad

  1. Frozen Tuna steak
  2. Beetroot
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Cucumber
  5. Avocado

Method; Cook your frozen tuna steak on the heat provided on the back of the pack and prepare your salad, chop your beetroot, tomato, cucumber and avocado and add the tuna when cooked.

Low Carb Turkey burgers

  1. Turkey mince
  2. Egg Yolk
  3. Cabbage
  4. Vegetables; broccoli, avocado
  5. Porridge Oats
  6. Mushrooms large
  7. Co co-nut oil

Method; Mix your turkey mince with 1 egg yolk (add in spices such as chilli, pepper salt if desired) with porridge oats in a large bowl.

Combine well with your hands, then shape into 4 flat burger patties. Heat the oil in a frying pan over a high heat, then cook the burgers for 5 mins each side or until cooked through.

Boil the large mushrooms until soft and use as the outside of the burger (instead of bread)


Tuna Wrap using Egg

  1. 2 eggs
  2. Avocado
  3. Tinned tuna
  4. Spinach
  5. Balsamic vinegar
  6. Co co-nut oil


Whisk your eggs with an electric whisk and pore over a heated pan, grill the top of the egg.

Add the tuna and grill for another 2 minutes, remove the pan from the grill, place your avocado within and roll up into a wrap. Serve with spinach and pour balsamic vinegar over the egg & spinach.





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