Must Have Items In Your Gym Bag

A couple year ago, I was very new to the gym, I always struggled with packing my bag. This usually lead to me forgetting something important. No one wants to head off to work knickerless…

Hopefully, though what ive learnt, it will help you to organise your gym bag and not forget to pack the essentials. Im confident to say that it does get better with experience and it becomes more of a ritual rather than a guessing and rechecking game. I have provided some links at the end of the article of items which may be helpful when deciding on which items to go for.

I invested in a large gym bag (link 1) so I could fit everything in. There’s nothing worse than carrying tons of stuff in which has not fitted in your bag. This one is convenient if you drive to the gym. However if your cycling I would recommend a large ruck sack (link 2).

Go to the gym in your gym clothes.  Saves time getting changed when at the gym.

I found breaking it down to what I was going to do after the gym helpful. Using an example if I was going to work (which was 99% of the time) then I would require-

Towel– Some gyms do provide towels, if this is you consider yourself lucky. Many times I have forgot my towel and had to dance naked in a private cubical waiting to dry.

Shower Bag– Get yourself some small travel bottles so you can squeeze some shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and facial cleanser in them (link 3). Buy a small pack of cotton wool to wash face with facial cleanser. Also pack some heat styling protector and a wash sponge.

*Optional – You could also use the little pots to put some coconut oil in for the ends of your hair before a workout. The heat from your workout will keep your hair shiny and soft – only do this if your washing it after *You don’t want slick greecey coconut oil hair*.

Your uniform/ work clothing – Including spare underwear and SOCKS and don’t forget your shoes! Many times I have forgotten socks and the hardest decision is whether to go with no socks or to wear sweaty gym socks (Seriously what would you choose?). Honestly rocking up to your shift in your gym trainers just doesn’t fit well with the HR requirements.

Hair straighteners– Usually gyms have blow dryers but nothing to tame that frizz following a blow dry.

Hair brush (on that above matter)

Water bottle (I would recommend getting a water bottle which you could refill (link 4)

LOCK! Most gyms have lockers which you would require a lock to safely pack your stuff into whilst you go smash your workout, you can get cheap ones from Ebay (link 5). First link shows a combination lock where you put your own code in. I tend to prefer a lock with a keys as I always forgot my code (link 6)

Spare hair bobble (for the lock with the key) I put a hair bottle around the little hole of the key and then wrap it around my water bottle. (So you don’t have to worry about gym kit which has pockets for your key).

Sweat Towel- to put over equipment and to aid your sweaty forehead before you drench your eye balls.

Headphones – my absolute ESSENTIAL item despite being at the bottom of the list! I prefer Bluetooth headphones (mine are brand JAM) so you can link it in with your phone and not worry about wires getting in the way.

Hope this is helpful! If you have any more tips on what you’ve found helpful whilst organising yourself to go workout please comment below. Would love to hear from you.


Link 1 –

Link 2-

Link 3-

Link 4-

Link 5-

Link 6-

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