My Typical Day of Eating During Prep for Bikini Competition (£15) ($19.57)

After lots of requests on what I eat in typical day I decided to put together what I do eat on a typical day whilst training for a bikini competition. I always pride myself on preparing for a show in the healthiest way. The goal for me is to not deprive my body of food but being smart about my intake to help drop my body fat and get stage ready. I do always encourage you to find what works for your body, this may help give you an example on what I do and maybe help you make some changes to your diet.

Let’s see what’s included:

  • A graph of three sample days of eating including 3 main meals and 2 snacks
  • Timing of carbohydrates
  • Recommended supplements
  • Foods which I avoid
  • Drinks which I avoid
  • Drinks which I drink
  • 2 page PDF detailed document.

Other important things:

  • This is not a meal plan and I am not a nutritionist
  • This plan is also not vegetarian or vegan as I do eat both meat and fish.

Only £14.99

If you wish to purchase this, please write in the box below and I will contact you with the payment details

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