Hunger, Lack of time and Bad Food Decisions

So I was absolutely starved today, I went to a gym class at 7.30am, trained a client, then headed straight to a yoga class. Following this, I had to then train another 2 clients. Even though I made my pack up with chicken and vegetables, I didn’t have time to heat and eat. I had 5 mins to spare after yoga so I headed to the cafe in Virgin Active to pick up a coffee (to awaken the bones :P). Whilst I waited for my coffee, displayed ever so nicely on the side was what most people may consider to healthy snacks. I knew that they were not going to be the best things to eat, however, my brain did not go into rational mode, and all I could think about was not feeling hungry. So I regrettably reached for both of these-

Meridan Cashew Bar 40g


8g Protein

8.9g Fat

15.9g Carbs

10.9g SUGAR


Skinny Rice Cakes x2


3g Protein

6.4g Fat

22g Carbs

10.2g SUGAR

So in total my casual snack came up to 345kcals and 11g SUGAR! Thats like 2 ½ teaspoons of refined sugar- which can only lead to craving more. If you want to find out about more hidden sugars in foods, check my other article.

So If I had just made time for my chicken and veg meal with vegetarian sausage, this would have come to 376kcals, 49g Protein, 26g Carbs, 9g Fat, 1g sugar and would have been much more satisfying and filling.

So my lesson here is- make time to eat and carry round snack foods for times like this, i.e, a handful of almonds, an apple or some berries.

Hope this is helpful,

Love Pearl X

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