Why Shift Work / Full Time Can Not Be Used as an Excuse to Eat Badly and to Not Exercise

Recently I got thinking about how much lifestyle and work schedule has changed. Some days I work 6 hours, some days I work 1 hour. It all depends on how many clients I have. This varies day to day, week by week. I’ve noticed that it’s difficult to create any kind of routine, and if anything, creating your own routine takes good discipline and motivation. However, when I had my working rota 2 month in advance whilst nursing, I did have a routine and could plan my day. It would look something like –

EARLY SHIFT (7.00-15.00) with ½ hour break around 11.30am

DIET: Breakfast 6.00am, snack 9.30am, Lunch 11.30am, snack 3pm, Dinner 7pm

EXERCISE: After work at 15.30hrs for 1 hour.

LATE SHIFT (12.00-20.00) with ½ hour break around 17.00hrs

DIET: Breakfast 8am, Lunch 11.30am, Snack 15,00, Dinner 17.00, snack 20.00hrs.

EXERCISE: Prior to work at 10am-11am

NIGHT SHIFT (19.30-7.30am) with 1 hour break around 3am

DIET: Breakfast 17.00hrs, Snack 21.30hrs, Lunch 00.00, Snack 3am

EXERCISE: Prior to work 17.30-18.45

My current schedule is very different as I said above. I usually do have more time during the day, therefore, more time to head to my kitchen cupboards and snack, or leave out my own training as too busy helping clients with their training. So in actual fact, being a personal trainer, or having more time doesn’t necessarily mean more time to eat well and exercise.

So next time you think that you might not have time to exercise or eat well, ask yourself, is how your spending your time as efficient as it could be? Are there any changes to your daily routine which could be dedicated to exercise or meal preparation? I spend around 2hours per week on meal prep. I make my meals for 3 or 4 days in advance and keep them in the fridge. It takes no longer than 1 hour and will save me much more time than if I was sourcing out foods everyday from the supermarket for the same day. It’s much more cost effective too, I spend less as I’m not shopping hungry and my prepared meals mean I’m more likely to stay on track.

I understand if your tired and all you want to do is chill after work (especially if your a nurse with busy shifts) but when you organise yourself so that you will go on route or on your way back even if its for 45 minutes, this will soon become a habit and this will build your routine and fitting exercise into your lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Why Shift Work / Full Time Can Not Be Used as an Excuse to Eat Badly and to Not Exercise

  1. I totally agree with you, eating healthy and exercising is more a matter of “how do you organize your time” rather than “do you have the time to do it”. I use the “I’m working full time” excuse wayyyy too often, but I know that if I really wanted to do it, I could. Keep up the good work girl! ♥︎

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