5 Top Diet Hacks You Must Know

So when I wanted to cut, lose fat for a bikini show, I would count every calorie and macro nutrient ensuring my body was prepared for a week weight/fat loss. There was a couple of things which I did that helped when I was dieting, helping with hunger and cravings! Here are 5 of the best tips I want to share with you which I feel helped me stay on track.

  1. When eating my main meals, I would also make up my plate with ½ lettuce and cover with 1tbsp balsamic vinegar and sprinkled cayenne pepper. I feel psychologically, because my plate was fuller, after I had finished eating, I felt fuller. Usually my main meals were something like 1 chicken breast (approx 120g), broccoli, asparagus and kale & 100g sweet potato (approx 350kcals). So as this portion was quite small, the lettuce was basically no calories, but provided a space in the stomach which would have felt still full without it.
  2. I would drink 1 pint of water before and directly after eating. As above this filled out my stomach, which decreased my likelihood of wanting something else after.
  3. When I had a sweet tooth, I would have ½ grapefruit and sprinkle cinnamon, a tomato with salt, or cucumber and salt.
  4. I would bulk my oats with courgette! Known as Zoats in USA (Zucchini and Oats). Basically I would weigh out my 40g dry oats, then place in pan with 40-50g shredded courgette and then boil in water. After this was cooked I would then add in a sprinkle of whey protein with 1tbsp cinnamon or mixed spice. Topped with anything from berries, nut butter to chai seeds.
  5. Fruity herbal tea was a life saver! Did you know you can get all kinds of flavours and some actually can taste similar to a pudding 😛 Some in my cupboard are Cherry Bakewell, Salted Caramel, Strawberry cupcake to name a few. So when I would crave sweetness, I would reach out for a herbal tea first!

Hope these come in helpful if you’re in the process of trying to lose some weight, but struggling with the hunger or craving side.

Any other tips you have would love to hear comment in the box below. 

Pearl x

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