5 Highly Effective Habits of a Personal Trainer

If you have a career which involves working with the health of others, we ourselves must make sure we are healthy first. I’ve been a fulltime Personal Trainer since May this year and already I’ve learnt many lessons. It’s important to replenish our internal tanks.

I want to share 5 habits which have contributed towards my own health and made me more effective at what I do, and hope it will help you with your situation too.

HABIT 1 – Meet Your Own Needs

Book your own time in your weekly diary. Too many times, we can compromise our own time for others. To a certain extent it’s important to do this, especially as a personal trainer we try to be accommodating as possible to fit peoples sessions when is best for them. Personally, I book slots out in my diary for Yoga twice a week, Classes in Sudden Movements (Calesthenics, InMotion and Gymnastic Strength Training) which allows me to develop my own training and education.

HABIT 2 – Meet up with Clients Before any Contract

Meet clients prior to potentially working together. It’s important to be able to see if your the best trainer to help. It also ties into the above point, if a client wants late evening sessions when you may not be available to work, it may not work in fitting in sessions. Sometimes clients have a goal which may not be your speciality. I read somewhere a client wanted to hire a trainer to talk to her for one hour as she walked on the treadmill. As a trainer myself, I would not wish to do this and would probably refer the individual to a trainer who would. Respect your clients goals, and be honest and open.

HABIT 3 – Advertise to Suit Your Preferred Time of Sessions

If you want daytime clients, advertise for them. I find that what you seek, you find. However, if you believe that you won’t be able to find anyone during the day, who do you think you would find? Only people free in the evening.

HABIT 4 – Meal Prep & Fuel Yourself the Best You Can

If we want to be the healthiest version of ourselves then we must fuel our tanks. Sometimes clients can be booked for a variety of times during the day (one in the morning, afternoon and evening) and you can find yourself out the house all day. If we rely on supermarket meals and quick pickups, we limit the choices of the best meals we can be consuming. Read my blog about grabbing snacks before clients with lack of preparation [Here] . I spend one hour every 3 days to prepare my meals which helps me stay on track.

HABIT 5- Get Enough Sleep

You’ve probably heard it many times before, but seriously, get to bed on a good time that you can have over 6hrs sleep. Especially if your up at 5am ready for 6am clients, make sure you get to bed and sleep at a good hour. As a personal trainer we never really switch off, so getting a late evening text from a client who needs to re-arrange their session, to session planning at all hours during the day. Its crucial to get enough rest and sleep. If this means going to have an hour naps in between clients do it! Depleting your own energy stores will not allow you to share positive energy and motivate them during their session. I couldn’t imagine getting a PT session from a trainer who was yarning and tired. We need to set a good example! Be awake and ready.

There you have it, 5 of my habits which I believe influences me as a personal trainer. If you are also a trainer or in a caring profession and have any other tips please comment below, would love to hear


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