Why That ‘Go on Then… Its Christmas’ EXCUSE Can Be Deadly for Your Waistline

Lately i’ve been feeling very festive, it’s the only year I will not be working over Christmas and New Year since I started my nursing career in 2012. Feeling festive can mean accepting sweeties and chocolates when offered after all, it is Christmas.

But wait!!! Didn’t you want to look and feel amazing at Christmas? Yes, me too! I actually started a new plan in October with the hope of come December I will feel super amazing in my Christmas clothes and New Years dress. However, a little bit too much relaxing has made me gain approx 6lbs! I haven’t stepped on the scales, but i’m pretty sure that everything is more snug and I feel bloated. I haven’t slacked with my exercise, but you cannot out train a bad diet.

The other day I was caught up hungry in Aldi buying some veggies for Christmas dinner and I spotted some Winter Spice Soreen Loaf. I thought I’l just have a small bit with my coffee, and before I knew it 800kcalories in, I’d eaten the whole thing. This is so easy to do, even accepting a couple of biscuits and some celebration mini sweets can tip you over your calories limit. If you go over 500ckals a day, this will lead to a 1lb weight gain per week! So you see how easy it is for weight to creep on. What about a festive trip to the German Market, whilst you munch on a german sausage and sip on Mulled Wine, you’ve already giving your body an additional approx (800kcals) or if your like me the other day, an additional mince pie and sugar coated nuts too :o)

Now I’m no scrooge, and I know that its fine to relax and be flexible when it comes to eating some unhealthy foods over Christmas, but lets try and avoid this becoming a daily thing (habits are hard to break once formed!). My plan is to avoid unhealthy food until Christmas day and New Years eve. This means, no full Soreen Loafs, Chocolate when its offered, or mince pies and just healthy food, enough sleep and keeping up with my exercise regime.  Then hopefully come the new year, I wont be in too much of a bad position to work off the extra Christmas pounds!

Hope you all have a great Christmas!

Pearl ❤

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