How I Really Lost Over 1 Stone In 2 Months

So guys, if you’ve been following my instagram updates (pearlypeach27) you may have seen i’ve been getting leaner. I’ve been asked by people if I plan to compete again, as im very close to stage weight however, I’m not. I’ve lost weight because I was unhappy with where I was at. I know there was nothing wrong with the way I looked before, but it was how I felt within myself.

I got the stage late March, early April when I thought enough was enough. I got myself into a vicious cycle of binge eating unhealthy foods, endless amounts of jam on toast, gingerbread men, calling into Asda on the way home and scoffing chocolate in my car because,to be honest, I was going through a difficult emotional time. I was trying to eat to fill an empty hole, a one which would NEVER be filled with food.  I sadly lost my Mam last September, and it hit hard. I found myself making excuses that I never wanted to feel deprived and wanted to live my life to the fullness, therefore I was eating what I wanted when I wanted, even when I wasn’t hungry. I was essentially treating my body like a human dustbin.

What I didn’t realise is that this mindset was leading to unhealthy habits, which once ingrained would be difficult to manage. This is where the cycle began, I would feel lost, sad and lonely and turn to food. Then I would feel guilty I had eaten the food, and want more food to avoid feeling guilty.

The shift for me came when I realised that food was NEVER going to make me happy, it was never going to make me feel less guilty, or more fulfilled. I began to realise that, life was good as long as your connected on a deep level with people around you and your happy with the direction your going in life.

As I sat in my gym, I wrote on my business card ”choose the foods which suit your goal 1  stone by May 2018- lets do this’ and I kept this in my purse.cof

This was to stop me in my tracks if I went to purchase something unhealthy.  I worked out my daily calories and macros on and inputted these into myfitness pal. I made myself aware of how much energy I was burning per day using a fitbit (mine is the Charge 2 modelcof) and factored this in when it asks about your daily expenditure.

I took some photos, measurements and a weight which I agreed to track monthly. (even though I weighed myself more often than that!)

I made time to food shop,  to prepare my meals, and to input my food into myfitness pal the day before so I was not left wondering what I was going to have. This was to limit the chances of me going hungry and grabbing something outside my plan. I have knowledge of what foods are best to eat, which food my body responds best to and what style of eating suits me due to using myself as a human guinea pig in the past.  I enjoy aiming for 3 main meals with 2/3 snacks. I NEVER quit any food group completely and I’m still enjoying hot chocolate on an evening (Options Light) and a Carb Killa protein bar (grenade) mid afternoon. I have some suggestions on low calorie snacks in my previous post.dav

The main thing is I’m in a CALORIE DEFICIT- which means I’m consuming less calories than my body needs to maintain my current body weight. It’s really that simple. There was no crazy DETOX, FAT BURNERS or special supplements. Talking on supplements, I am using protein powder, as I have this in my smoothie for taste and put it in with my oats to give it flavour. I would recommend Vanilla Hemp Protein by SunWarrior or USN Pure Protein lgf-1 Chocolate.

My starting weight was 11st 12lbs at my heaviest, with 23% body fat. I was going to aim for 2lb per week weight loss on the scales, but also track on the boditrax in my gym to monitor my body fat.


Today, I weighed 65.8kg (10st 3lbs) and sat at 16% body fat. I’m aiming for another 2-3lbs loss and then I will maintain, which will mean increasing calories to maintenance level. Again, I will use the macro calculator for this too. I have built muscle mass over the years which has helped me keep shape to my body.

To add, my journey across the two month has been mainly positive, but there has been times when i’ve felt hungry, lacked some energy and had trouble sleeping (as I was hungry during the night) but this is expected. When your losing weight, its not comfortable for the body, it wants to stay the same. So be prepared for being not comfortable, saying no to unhealthy foods and keeping your mind focused on your goals.



If your looking to address your eating habits, I suggest you writing down some goals, and working towards them. I’m living proof that you can achieve results, if your persistent and patient.


This is my journey I hope you’ve been inspired to make some positive changes for your own 🙂

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, Love  Pearl x


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