3 Easy Breakfast Ideas To Keep You Full Until Lunch

I’ve been experimenting with simple foods mixed together, to create not only an aesthetically pleasing breakfast, but a filling one too. Here are some of my creations which I wanted to share with you if you’re bored of the same old, same old. Obviously, everyone’s energy intake is different and I will give you the grams exactly as I have them so just take them as guideline!


Yummie Yogurt Bowl

(I use a preserve jar which was cheap from Wilkinsons)



150g Fage 0% Yogurt

130g Summerfruit berries

1tbsp Cinnamon

20g Lizis High Protein Granola

1 Rice Cake

Chai Berry Pudding 

(Pudding for breakfast yes please)


200ml Cashew Milk

20g Dry Oats

10g Almonds

100g Frozen Berries

1tbsp Cinnamon

Chocolate Topped Smoothie Bowl

(Admittedly, this one takes a little longer, and a blender is required, but nevertheless, the whole bowl is delicious so it would be rude of me not to share with you!)



For the smoothie mixture I use a Nutri Bullet:

1 frozen banana

½ Frozen Avocado

1scoop chocolate protein powder (I use USN GF1 Protein)

1tbsp Cacao Powder

1tbsp Flax Seeds

1tbsp Cinnamon

200ml Cashew Milk or other dairy free alternative

100ml Water


Topped with fresh strawberries (30g) Lizi’s high protein granola (10g), chai seeds (10g), cocoa nibs (5g)

Let me know if you try any enjoy any of these ideas and you would like to see any others!

Chat soon, much love,



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