Reasons For Your Unknown Weight Gain


Weight gain, putting on fat and going up a dress size is usually down to one thing but people overly complicate it. I hear about slow metabolisms, also hormones and undiagnosed concerns which all could contribute. But usually it is just much more SIMPLE. It comes down to YOU ARE EATING TOO MUCH… TOO MANY CALORIES THAT YOUR BODY NEEDS! It doesn’t matter if your only having 2 meals a day, or whether you’re eating 6 times a day. It actually comes down to the quality of the food and the overall calorie goal on a daily basis.

When I was losing fat consciously (from March this year) I made myself accountable by logging my food, weighing my food and being honest about my drink calories (so adding that large glass of red) and surprisingly at first when I logged everything and was honest, I was wayyy over on a daily basis. So I changed some habits and increased my activity in order to make my overall burn greater than my intake. So my body had no reason to not take from my fat stores! Like clock work, I was dropping lbs each week. By 3 month I was already over 14lbs down!

Recently, I observed someone eating a salad, and informed me ‘I always have this and yet I’m going up in size’. I then seen then munch on a muffin which was kindly giving by a colleague to share and also eat a large bag of nuts (which are high in calories)  So basically, the salad did nothing but make you think you’ve been healthy, therefore you can have something unhealthy.  I can see why people think like this, but it’s counterintuitive! Obviously salad is good as you will be getting nutrients from this too though!

So if your wondering why weight is creeping on I want you to have a think about these questions…

  • Do you tend to snack when your at home in between your meals, or when cooking your meal?
  • Do you keep unhealthy things in the house and snack on them as soon as you get in as you may be hungry from skipping meals?
  • Do you treat yourself on a daily basis to a high calorie coffee (check the calories in main chains such as costa and starbucks) and a side of a muffin or croissant?
  • Do you take into consideration your drink calories, such as fizzy drinks (which are not sugar free) and alcohol? Those cocktails taste amazing for one reason guys… most have more calories than a chocolate bar.
  • Do you buy ‘low sugar’ products? Which are usually higher in fat (fat is 9kcals per gram and protein and carbs is 4kcals per gram) therefore fat is higher in calories
  • Do you mindlessly eat? So looking at your phone when eating, not thinking about your food and how you are feeling during your meal. This can lead to overeating and forgetting what you are eating too! Try to limit distractions around meal times
  • Do you know how many calories on a daily basis you require to lose weight? Being blind when it comes to losing weight can make you feel lost. I use a macro calculator online which calculates your overall daily intake for your goal ( and if you stick with the numbers and log into an app (such as myfitnesspal) its hard to get it wrong!
  • Do you have a ‘fuck it’ mindset on the weekend? after all it is the weekend and you’ve worked hard all week. Sometimes two days of unhealthy eating can basically take you over your calories for the whole week. Im not saying live your life, dont go for meals and drinks- but be mindful of your overall intake during the day.
  • Do you look at the overall calorie, fat, carbs and protein on store bought foods before purchasing? Check the traffic light system, if the symbols are all green is usually a good choice. All reds, try to avoid or have a smaller portion!

Let me know if you’ve resonated with any of these points, and consider your answers to make some positive changes to your eating habits so you can become a fitter, healthier, happier version of yourself! Ive personally been there with all of these, and the weight does easily creep on and is much harder to then reverse habits and make changes to lose it again!

Thanks for reading,

Pearl 🙂 x

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