I Stopped Dieting and My 6 Day a Week Exercise Regime for a MONTH And Here’s What Happened

I booked my flight, that was it. Me and my partner were travelling along the East Coast in Australia for a whole month. I’m a personal trainer and I definitely feel pressure to make sure i’m in shape and eat well all year round.


But what happens when your structured diet has been removed and your left to live out of carrier bags of food and cooking facilities vary depending on hostel stays?  It was harder that I thought to be eating healthy meals such as smoothies and salads . I just wanted big meals, filling meals so I wasn’t constantly hunting or thinking about food. I wanted something inside my stomach that would fill me for at least 5 hours! I knew I would be out exploring so didnt want to get hungry.

So what actually happened to my body composition when I didn’t have a gym on my door step, or my own usual food and my own kitchen to prepare healthy meals in?

I went on the boditrax machine in my gym before leaving on the 27th December 2018 results were:

HEIGHT: 5’8 | WEIGHT 68.6KG | BODY FAT: 19.4%

I mean it when I say it, I completely relaxed whilst being away, I enjoyed ice creams, curries, froyos (frozen yogurt), mcdonalds chips, fish and chips, pizzas, chicken burgers, chocolate most days (Did someone say TimTams?). I didn’t log any of my food on myfitnesspal. I felt free from the relentless tracking calories and macros.  I didn’t know what was in what, and I didn’t actually care.

I also walked ALOT, hitting on average 20,000 steps per day. I also fitted some basic workouts in, a lot of body weight stuff. I went to different gyms only 4 times throughout the month.


I got back yesterday on the 29th Jan and this morning 30th Jan I got back on the boditrax and here are my results:

HEIGHT: 5’8 WEIGHT 68.3KG | BODY FAT: 23.5%

So i’ve gained 4% of body fat and that’s really only the main change. No changes to my bodyweight! Luckily, my height didn’t change 🙂  Also, because i’ve relaxed so and give my body the much needed diet break, I ate things that, in the past would have been restricted. I have to admit that I craved vegetables and smoothies towards the end of the holiday. Not because I felt guilty, but more that my body deserves the BEST!


The purpose of this blog is to show you that if you have one bad meal, or ten it doesn’t actually make huge amount of difference if you’re active every day. Obviously if I had lived like this for 6 months or so and not have been active, I probably would have gained more body fat and my energy may have been affected. It also helps that I have alot of muscle of my body, and this itself burns more calories at rest.

So if you’re going on holiday for a week, remember to relax, enjoy food, create memories without worrying about your food. Just make sure you keep moving your body.

Love Pearl 🙂



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