What No One Will Tell You But You Need To Hear About in Your 20’s

I’m 28, rarely have I thought about ageing, let alone whats going on in the inside of my body.  In fact, the time really to understand this, is when your body is in its prime when sexually maturity is reached, around 21 years old. One thing which struck me in my new book i’m reading by Cameron Diaz’s Longevity Book is this she writes.

‘In your thirties, the changes taking place inside your body are the ones you begin to see and feel. For instance, you begin to lose mass in your muscles, reducing their function, partially because you have fewer growth hormones and less testosterone than you did a decade prior. Around the same age, the number of cells in your kidneys decrease and the organs actually become smaller as a result, to the point which they filter blood less efficiency. A around age 30 you will be at peak bone mass, making it extremely important to build up your bone mass before the age of thirty-five through nutrition and fitness.

Which means what we put into our bodies, and how we move our bodies can impact us massively in later life, to continue being strong and thriving in our everyday activities. It’s shocking to see how young people these days abuse their bodies, smoking, drinking and taking recreational drugs. Not to mention that some are highly inactive.

I encourage you to start to think about how you are treating your body and whether your behaviour will benefit you as you age. I would recommend as a lady, to start resistance training, you don’t need to go to the gym as body weight exercises is a great start.

I would recommend doing exercises which target alot of muscles in one move, such as squatting, lunges, press ups, dips, hip thrusts, inverted rows, leg raises to name a few. Start with doing repetitions of around 8-12 and repeat the exercise 3-4 times with a short rest between sets.

I’m incredibly lucky that I started to build muscle when I was 21, the stronger my muscles, the better changes I have to keep muscle mass for longer and the stronger my bones, the less likely I will be of developing arthritis, or osteoporosis. I thrive to help people build the necessary strength and improve the way they are able to move.

I wanted to share this short piece with you to allow you to consider what you can do to enhance your life not only now, but in the future.

Love Pearl x

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