Could Losing Weight Be as Simple with These 2 Rules?

I get it, you are confused, very confused when it comes to how to lose weight. It seems that everyone has the answer and yet when you try out these new diets you inevitably fail. Most companies are set up to make you fail and keep you blaming yourself so their retention rate is higher when you go back time and time again.

But what if I tell you it’s so simple. You may have heard the word Calorie Deficit before? If you have recently, its probably from James Smith (check him on instagram on @jamessmithpt) as he is on a mission to debunk all the bullshit in the fitness industry and I would like to join him on that mission!

A few year back, before I was a PT, I was also confused and I didn’t know about calories, or what even a macro was. I tried to drink shakes, no carb, high fat, no dairy, no wheat and I would also try to eat all the foods from google which said were good for weight loss. But I was always left feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing, which didn’t leave me motivated to carry on, because I felt I may have been wasting precious time.

It wasn’t until I used a calorie and macro calculator online to find out how many calories a day I should aim to be eating and began tracking all my food. I didn’t know that nuts are high in calories in large portions, or that foods like celery and cucumber have next to non calories. It made sense to me why I was gaining weight once I logged everything. I didn’t realise that a McCafe Mocha Frappe has 670kcals, a 3rd of my daily intake to lose weight.

It was a revelation to me that when I reduced my calories by 500kcals per day, I lost 1-2lbs religiously each week. I’m not telling you to starve yourself, or to follow a certain calorie number which I was aiming for. Because your body my dear, is different for every one elses, someone who is 5’2 and sits at a desk all day will have large number difference to someone who is 6ft and is on their feet all day. You get me?

The first rule I would recommend that you adopt is to use a TRACKING APP TO LOG YOUR FOOD, every single thing you bite or drink (yes every those coffees and fizzy drinks) you log. I’d do this for as long as you feel you need so you can gain awareness of your current daily intake. Once you know, you can use an app to work out how much you need to lose weight. I would recommend you using an app such as ‘Myfitnesspal’, but, never go off the number which these apps initially give you. You can make your own numbers based on your research from another calculator.

People sometimes say its time consuming, and that it doesn’t suit them to do this, but if you’re going about wanting to lose weight blind, not knowing why you are overweight then please invest a little time to work it out.

I would recommend this one-

The choose your goal via the app, and then aim to hit this goal everyday (regardless of exercise intake – as it is already factored in your activity level!) So don’t eat back your exercise calories!

Second Rule- CONSISTENCY I wouldn’t change your number goal at all until it has been at least 3 months of you doing it consistently. After 3 months, if you have been consistent, I guarantee that you will lose the weight. This is without ANY product that you need to buy. Remember that the best foods are the ones which keep you full and make you happy J Also you don’t need to sacrifice a huge amount of your foods you love when you diet if you stick them in with your overall daily goal!


Love Pearl x

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