How To Stop Failing With Your Fitness Regime

Pearl2ndshoot-1761I was speaking with a former colleague and she asked ‘are you still exercising and going to the gym?’ and it sparked a thought and I had to write a blog post about it. So here it is.

Often, when people say they are going to start working out or going to the gym, they end up quitting. Life happens and people have other priorities, I get it. Especially when it is made a choice.  It becomes a internal dialogue should I or shouldn’t I go, and then having lots of other things which fill its place.

My response to my colleague was ‘to me, working out is like having a shower or brushing my teeth’. To which she looked confused. So let me explain, movement, exercise or working out (whatever you want to name it) is something that happens in my day regardless of anything else going on. I make time for it.

If anything, it can take priority to other things due to its benefits. Working out makes me more alert, efficient, sleep better, move better, have more energy (only to name a small few!). I see it as a gift to be able to move and a celebration to what my body can do.

Having a strong body which looks good is purely a byproduct of these daily habits. It is not my main focus to just look good. I’m absolutely obsessed with FEELING good and I think if more people chased this feeling with exercise, you wouldn’t need to constantly search for motivation.

Your motivation is the feeling you get after you’ve done what you’ve committed to. Its brilliant to find something you can also enjoy whilst in the process of it. For example, if you love to dance, join a dance class in your gym. If you like to run, find a great running route. Don’t do something you hate, because you feel you HAVE to do it.

So remember, when your organising your day, fit in time for yourself as if it is your doctor’s appointment. Move stuff around and make time for it. It shouldn’t be a ‘should I, shouldn’t i?’ question. Commit and GO! We schedule so many meetings in our diaries, schedule one for yourself so that one day, it can also be like washing and brushing your teeth!


Love Pearl

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