Read this if you think you are ‘too busy’ to exercise

‘I would love to go to the gym but I just don’t have time’, I’ve heard this nearly on a daily basis. Did you know that time doesn’t stop for anyone? Did you know that we equally have 24 hours a day?

How we differ from each other is exactly how we spend the time we are given. I appreciate that some people have more commitments such as looking after their children, or are care givers with perhaps less spare time during the day.

If you were to write what you are doing every hour of the day, would it be obvious that you are wasting time?

Are you spending a couple of hours where you are scrolling social media, or watching TV?

I used to think I was busy, I was juggling a fulltime job and a side hustle of personal training as well as fitting in my own exercise and meal prepping etc. But in reality and all honesty, I still had time where I wasn’t busy, where I would be sitting looking at instagram or youtube videos at various points of the day. There was still time I would lie in, and not do anything for the first few hours of the day.

In nursing in particular nurses are expected to work 12/13 hour shifts (tough, I know!). Not everyone is going to be inspired to try to fit in exercise, and probably say there isn’t enough time. But if your shift is 7am-8pm and you have 1hour lunch break during the shift, there are some possibilities to make this happen.

You could go to a gym before your shift, and before you say it…  It doesn’t have to be a long one, or one hour. Even if its 30 mins, so you could wake at 5am, get to the gym for 5.30am until 6.15am, shower, have breakfast and then go into work. You could use your hour lunch break to go on a run (dependent on shower facilities!) or use one of the rooms to do some stretching or yoga. Or you could be hardcore and exercise when you get home. Packing your gym kit and carrying this around with you is essential for this small win. You could use your days off in particular to get moving, if you are on 3 long shifts, and have 4 shifts off in a week. That means you can hit the gym for 4 days in the week, and perhaps take those 3 long shifts as your rest days.

I heard a saying once ‘if it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not you will find an excuse’. So be real with yourself, if you want to get fit, make serious changes to your physical health and mental health. You kind of have to make that one big priority. ‘Nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities’.

Now I’ve gone back to working fulltime as a Nurse, I actually have more motivation to utilise my time wisely around my shifts to be able to fit in a workout. I know that if I make time for something positive in life, I will have so much more energy.

By doing this, I am filling my own cup. If my cup is empty, how do you expect to be able to give to others? How do you expect to look after others, if you don’t look after yourself?

So I would sincerely advise you to check out your day, jiggle some things around and make time for yourself. To move your body, pick up a sweat and feel amazing. I swear you will not want to make excuses once you’ve experienced the benefits.

Peace out,

Pearl  X


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