My name is Pearl, 23 years old and I live in the UK. I am a fitness and a clean eating addict!

Following a weight gain of nearly 20kg in 2010, I have transformed my body, lost weight and gained lean muscle and I’m now training for my first bikini competition in April 2014!

I’m not a registered dietician, doctor, personal trainer or a physical therapist, I take no responsibility for pulled muscles, sprained legs, or ligament tears. Exercise is at your own risk 😉
On a serious note I’m just a simple blogger, the purpose of the blog is to share my own experiences, on exercising; fitness, clean foods; recipes and life experiences not to dole out advice.

Let’s start with my motivation, I’m very passionate about eating as clean as possible and exercising to fuel my engine for sufficient healthy results!
I do not follow fad diets or a diets which you see results instantly

I am a strong believer that through healthy clean eating; unprocessed foods, covering food groups such as protein, complex carbs and essential vegetables will enable you to develop a sustainable healthy body.

Please feel free to follow or join me on my journey…
Always remember success is a journey not a destination.

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