Here is what some of my clients are up to:

Meg learning the bar roll:

Gillian carrying her body in a tucked position on the parallettes for whole body strength

Ellie learning free standing handstands on the parallettes

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This is what we get up to at 7am 🦄 Amazing effort and a great student as she takes on board all suggestions and as a result this is her feedback below! Thanks sweetie 😇 #Repost @elliemorrisyoga (@get_repost) ・・・ Had a hardcore hour of #tsyupsidedownseptember today with the amazing @pearlypeach27 😍 from not being able to hold a handstand to being able to control and hold it for a few seconds by the end of the hour (instead of throwing my legs in the air, closing my eyes and hoping the best 😂) was so surprising! Need to keep remembering to tuck my tail bone, bring my feet together and use my fingers to balance myself… I’m so excited to keep practising 🤸‍♀️ thank you so much Pearl you work wonders!!! 💖

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Bikini Competitions

2014 Miami Pro Bikini Category: 1st place
2015 Saxon Classic Bikini Toned: 3rd Place
2016 Saxon Classic PCA Bikini Toned: 2nd Place
PCA Offical finals 4th PLACE
2016 UKBFA: 3rd Place
2016 UKFBA: 4th Place
2017: Saxon Classic:5th Place
2017: PCA Newcastle
2017: PCA British Finals

Beauty Pageants
Miss Leeds 2nd Place- Invite to Semi Finals June 2016
Semi Finals Top 20
Miss England Finals 16th in the UK and Crowned Miss England Sports Woman


I’m 28 years old, originally from the north of England (Consett, County Durham). I live in a cosy flat in Leeds, West Yorkshire UK, where I’ve resided for since moving up to study my nursing degree at University of Leeds.

I was working full time as a Mental Health Nurse for 4 years in a busy acute hospital after qualifying and I found myself seeking out something to help with stress, anxiety and problems sleeping. I discovered that the best thing for this was through exercise and better nutrition.

If you are interested in training with me and feel I can help you towards your goal, or want to ask me a question, please drop me a message and I will reply back to you as soon as I can.