My Story

I’m 28 and I’m originally from the north of England (Consett, County Durham).I live in a cosy flat in Leeds, West Yorkshire UK, where I’ve resided for 7 years after moving up to study my nursing degree at University of Leeds.

Following working full time as a Mental Health Nurse for 4 years in a busy acute hospital I found myself seeking out something to help with stress, anxiety and problems sleeping. I discovered the BEST method for all of these, influencing my life in the most positive way… wait for it… EXERCISE & NUTRITION!

So lets start where it all began, I became overweight at university, falling into the fresher’s trap of drinking alcohol every night and eating junk food.

Soon my weight crept up and I become feeling lethargic, under confident and none of my clothes fit. I remember visiting Blackpool with uni friends on a short get away and I lifted my top, I said in front of everyone ‘I’m so fat!’ and no one said a word. It was then I realised I was larger than I had ever been, I felt so embarrassed whilst putting away my spare tyre back under my vest top.

I knew it was then time to change. Being as stubborn as I was back then, I refused to get a personal trainer wanting to do it all myself. I began running and tried an extreme diet (Atkins – ALERT – would not recommend) where I was eating probably less than half the calories my body required. My workouts were focused around aerobic style, lots of cardio and not a weight in sight. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing myself as ‘straight up and down’, a similar resemblance to a piece of spaghetti. I also had a flat chest and flat butt, horray, I was slim, my blubber tummy was also gone, but where were my curves, where was the muscle? The amount of effort and work I put in, definitely did not show on my body.

It wasn’t until I signed up to the local gym that I started to change my style of workouts. After around a year of doing cardio and lots of high intensity classes (sometimes 3 in one day…) I switched up my regime. I went to body pump classes and this is where I learnt some of the basic exercises using weights. It wasn’t until I noticed that no more weight could fit on the bar during the body pump class that lifting was for me. I loved how strong it made me feel. I decided to ask one of the trainers in the gym to explain the basics behind heavy weight lifting where I learnt the squat and the Deadlift. It was anxiety provoking stepping into the weight section, all the grunting men, and not another female in sight. I began using the internet and search for diets and workouts which complemented weight training and explored methods with patience and persistence. Thankfully I slowly started to see my shape change. I then went on to develop my own style of diet following a one I tried at my local gym (HM30 – By Colin Marshall / Sudden Movements Gym) and began strength training and SHORT high intensity workouts. Reflecting back, I’m sure if I was not stubborn, I would have reached my goals faster listening and following a personal trainer’s guidance.

I fell in love with eating well and exercising, therefore decided to compete in my first body building show entering a bikini category back in 2013. Just the thought of stepping up on stage was terrifying, and I don’t like being scared of things, therefore, that pushed me to just enter. I prepped for the show for around 14 weeks and to my luck I placed 1st (Miami Pro World Championships). In 2014 I then competed in Saxon Classic in Bikini Toned and placed 3rd. In 2015 I competed again in Saxon Classic (PCA) and placed 2nd and was invited to the PCA British Finals where I placed 4th overall. I then went on to compete in a Natural Body Building Show with UKDFBA, placing 3rd and invited to finals in October of this year where I placed 4th overall in the British Finals UKDFBA. Ive competed in another three shows since with PCA in 2017. I no longer compete, and I couldn’t be happier with that decision. Bodybuilding wasn’t something I wanted to do anymore, I wanted to stop trying to constantly change myself and put my energy into something worth while for my future.

Therefore, In 2016 I knew that my passion and drive for fitness was much more than just exercising myself. I wanted to begin to use my acquired knowledge to help others get fitter. After seeing many people suffer with being overweight, feeling lethargic, having energy crashes during the day, being stiff and suffering back pain.

I signed up to a personal training course. I absolutely LOVED the course, and the practical side to training clients. I felt a fire in my belly and knew this was the right path for me.

I genuinely feel I can help, as a Mental Health Nurse, I understand the reasons behind the problems faced when people want to get fit and healthy but have a problem getting ‘unstuck’. I see myself as an empathic person and I am sensitive towards the needs of others. This is perfect for people who need the emotional support through a life’s challenges and changes.

Sometimes when you set yourself on a journey to better yourself, it may feel others around you don’t understand, perhaps they are not ready to see your wings fully open. I also really remember what is was like to start out, and the negative thoughts which can really hold you back.

Whether you looking to change your diet, gain confidence or simply need the motivation and inspiration to become the person you have always dreamed of, my page can help.

If you are interested and feel I can help you towards your goal, or want to ask me a question, please drop me a message and I will reply back to you as soon as I can.