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I’ve transformed many lives for people who have had the privileged to have face to face contact with me as a Personal Trainer. I recently made the decision to become an Online Coach. I want to reach out to a larger scale people, not just people around my locality. I want to educate and equip people with the knowledge and tools so they can reach their fitness goals without me stood with them. I wanted something which is affordable compared to face to face coaching.  I will help keep you accountable because I care just as much about your goals are you do!

I will go the extra mile for you, I will make sure you have everything you need to be successful in what you want to achieve. I never want to just take people’s money and provide them with disappointing plans which are generalized as I believe everybody is different, every person’s lifestyle is different. I will make sure that your workouts are done safely, providing you with the mobility side to exercise which is often forgotten and overlooked by other online and face to face trainers.

I will hope to post your successes/ transformations on my instagram account designed specifically for my online clients which will help inspire others to take the steps which you did. Though I will never post anything without your permission. I have a closed group I have started up which you could be part of with others to connect with others who are also using my programmes!



My customised meal plans are very detailed which include real clean unprocessed foods alongside the calories and macro nutrient ratios of each day to ensure your body is getting the correct nutrition. I will determine your ideal nutritional strategy within the plan to enable you to build a healthier lifestyle. The plan includes a shopping list and tips and advice. This is to ensure that my clients have everything they need to be successful with their journey to their desired goal.

Diet plans can be for Fat Loss, Weight Gain and Maintenance. I offer for a variety of dietary choices which you could request in the questionnaire I will send you.

Email Support if required with any questions with a reply within 2 days via email | No further support after the 4 weeks

– £49.99-


  • 6 week training plan which is generalised to improve fitness levels and help shape the body. Includes training protocols including rest periods
  • Both at home and gym programme can be provided.
  • With or without equipment – your choice
  • Videos of the exercises
  • How to perform the exercises in text
  • Mobility work included
  • Questions can be answered on a weekly basis via email if any questions

Skill related exercises or diet advice are not included in this programme
No ongoing support after 6 weeks



  • Includes both the meal plan and training plan as above.




£100 upfront cost and £25 PCM thereafter for adaptations to programme

  • Includes assessment of current skill via video and analysis
  • Full mobility routine appropriate to skill via videos
  • Email and support through the month once a week check ins via email, telephone or whatsapp
  • Skills such as handstands, pull ups, press ups and other calisthenics exercises (please let me know over the questionnaire I will send you)
  • Video Demos of prescribed exercises with information on form
  • Access to a private FB group for my Online Clients

Does not include nutritional advice


£150 upfront cost and £50 PCM thereafter (minimum 3 months)

  • Includes month by month diet and training plans completely individualised to your current lifestyle, equipment available, time.
  • Includes regular check ins via contact via either phonecall, email or whatsapp weekly
  • Analysis of videos of your body movement patterns and assessment of current abilities
  • Individualised Exercise/ Diet plans specifically according to goal which can be adapted on a monthly basis
  • Full Mobility Drills to enhance and improve flexibility
  • Support as and when required and a guaranteed 24hour response to any questions
  • Access to a private FB group for my Online Clients


Benefits of Online Coaching

This is a fantastic opportunity to optimise your time you spend in the gym without having to commit to training with a trainer one to one. You will get a progressive programme and nutrition for an entire month. This comes in at roughly the same price a trainer may charge for one hour of face to face time. A little coaching and training geared towards something specific can go along way in terms of motivation and results.  You will have the freedom to train when you want without having to fit around your trainer’s schedule who has many other clients to consider, so its a big bonus getting to train when you want! You will also be able to have comprehensive email support which includes constant assessment and accountability. You will also receive video demos performing the exercises. You will have access to a closed facebook group. This will create a supportive environment where you can ask questions and chat with people experiencing the same as you.

What happens next?

Once you decide which programme you want, I will send you across a form which has questions with all the relevant information I will need. Payment details are below. Once I receive the payment I can begin working on your plan. If you choose the options for the ongoing plan, I will require some further information such as videos of you performing certain exercises.


This guide will help you build and sculpt your bottom. If you have a flat bum and want shape. This if for you!

Some of the equipment will require a Gym.


  • 60 Video Demos on Private Instagram Account
  • 4 days worth of workouts with 31 exercises
  • Detailed information how to perform
  • 10 glute activation exercises
  • Warm up and cool down guidance
  • Required equipment info
  • High Intensity Interval Training at the end of each workout targeting and sculpting the glutes
  • Shopping List & Meal Ideas for fat loss
  • Email Support if required!

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ONLY £19.99 (€22.60)


*No Refunds Accepted