Build your glutes guide


Are you frustrated with the lack of results your getting through trying to grow your bum?

This was me, I was doing endless squats to only see my quads grow! I started to switch things up, and activate my glutes using effective techniques and began glute focused exercises to finally see results.  I wanted to create an all in one programme for you to follow so you can see results for yourself. Now, you have to be self motivated to do the workouts, but you won’t be wondering how to perform as I have laid this all out for you with over 60 video demos in a private instagram account and ‘how to perform’ explanations. You will have downloadable access so you can have it at your finger tips when you go to the gym. No more wasting time doing pointless exercises and wondering if you will ever get the curves you desire. I have provided 4 different workout days, so you can keep switching these up to minimise getting bored. I will also provide you with email support once a week so if you need that extra motivation, I’m with you every step of the way.

All I ask if for your to take a before photo and measurements and commit to the programme. Im offering this for only £19.99 for a short period so snap yours up now!

Some of the equipment will require a Gym.


  • 60 Video Demos on Private Instagram Account
  • 4 days worth of workouts with 31 exercises
  • Detailed information how to perform
  • 10 glute activation exercises
  • Warm up and cool down guidance
  • Required equipment info
  • High Intensity Interval Training at the end of each workout targeting and sculpting the glutes
  • Shopping List & Meal Ideas for fat loss
  • Email Support if required!

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ONLY £19.99 (€22.60)


*No Refunds Accepted