Personal Training Packages are dependent on your personal goal. I would love to meet you in person to see how is best to help. I offer the first session free of charge.

Free Sessions: *24 hour cancellation policy applies. Should the session be cancelled within 24 hours, another free session will not be offered. If you are over 10 minutes late for the planned session it will be cancelled. Alternatively 1 session can be purchased.


I will take your measurements and weight and use these as a baseline. I would recommend that you take some before photos so you can compare and see your changes. I will then measure you after an appropriate time scale which will be discussed with you to to monitor and document progress.


In order for us to successfully work together, we will need to have a consultation regarding your dietary habits. Exercise plays a big role, however nutrition is a bigger aspect in working towards your health.

From the information you give me, this will help me determine the best route to make some positive changes to your diet. I will assess how much help you would require.

If I think its necessary from our consultation, I will ask you to make an account on MyFitnessPal where I can link in with your diary to keep monitoring your food intake. I can support you with the appropriate calorie and macro nutrient goal. So if you bite it, you write it. I would expect you to only log your foods and drinks for a few weeks until you get an idea on which types of foods the quantities you need.  I provide ongoing feedback and advice to ensure the best results.

I also offer one-off individualised 4 week diet plans £49.99 (Outside of the Packages)


If you already have been a client with me, previous, or current and you refer a friend you will receive one free personal training session.