What I do

I specialise in areas such as weight loss, shaping the body by building muscle using a variety of training methods such as body weight training, weight lifting, body building, gymnastics and high intensity training.

The best thing is about my style of training is that you will never find yourself on a machine – yes that means no treadmills (or should we call them dreadmills), cross trainers or steppers.

I believe Personal Training should teach you something new every session which you can develop confidence in doing it yourself.


I train people 1-1 within Sudden Movements The Gym, located just off Kirkstall Road Leeds, (10, Carlton Mills Estate, Pickering St, Leeds LS12 2QG)

Its great because you do not need to become a member of the gym and can still use facilities around our sessions such as the showers and lockers.


We serve coffee and smoothies within Sudden Movements Gym. Be aware of the guilt free raw caramel slice on sale as its highly delicious and addictive! Our super food smoothies are packed with goodness and energised with plant based proteins that are designed to compliment your workout. Perfect after a PT session.


I facilitate two 45 minute classes within Sudden Movements Gym, ‘Gains’ and ‘Metcon’. Gains is a weight based class which focuses on building strength and muscle tone using functional rig, Olympic bars and kettle bells and body weight movements. Metcon focuses on a fast paced, high intensity workout completed in a short period of time, which will sure challenge your cardiovascular capacity, put your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly burn fat.

If this is something your interested in attending, check http://sudden-movements.com/ and book online through mindbody app.