I’ve done 15 sessions with Pearl so far and have honestly loved every one, it is always a highlight of my week! Each session is fun and challenging, and I’ve achieved so much more than I thought I would – I even did my first ever handstand! Being someone who has found the gym quite intimidating at times, Pearl’s lovely and bubbly personality put me totally at ease. I would recommend working with Pearl over and over again, she’s amazing!

Frankie Barbour



Pearl is so passionate about what she does. Her style of training makes her stand out from the crowd, and if you’re looking to get stronger but not in the typical gym environment with typical gym equipment, and you’re looking to use your own bodyweight to get stronger and fitter, then she is your woman! She is really kind and patient and lovely to work with. 🙂

Emily Jane



I’ve been with Pearl for three months now and in that time she’s helped me both physically and mentally. I feel stronger in mind and body! She keeps the lessons well structured and timed, tailoring them to your needs and skill level. Sends positive messages through the week and updated workouts. Top it all off with her friendly and fun nature, it makes the whole journey more enjoyable 🙌🏽



I found Pearl Susanne Personal Training the most inspiring and motivational introductions to fitness that I’ve ever had. She’s kept me inspired about my own health, wellness & fitness ever since we first met and I feel all the better for it. She is really passionate about her profession & her determination to make others happy through their own health & fitness is evident from the start. One of the best experiences & decisions of my life!

Sean Russell


I have had wonderful training sessions with Pearl! Sessions are very fun, she definitely knows how you can achieve your goals. Pearl is very approachable, knowledgable and we always have a laugh 🤣. Pearl Is also very helpful in terms of nutrition. Overall she helped me after suffering with stress/depression and helped my lose weight and feel more like myself before my wedding. Thank you 😘 xxx

Lucinda Coultate-Cowie


I’ve known pearl for about 5 yrs as a Mental Health nurse, dedicated caring person goal focused, really approachable and caring to others

Adam Maher


Pearl is exceptionally thoughtful and committed to her clients. She takes genuine joy from her work as a personal trainer and loves to share her expertise and her experience from her own fitness journey with others so they can become fitter, stronger and happier. in all aspects of their lives. 100% the real deal.

Cate Mills


Pearl trained me throughout my pregnancy. It was a fantastic experience and looked forward to it every week. Felt in safe hands and helped me to stay in control of my body without putting on excess weight and loosing tone. Felt fit and healthy. Would especially recommend any of the training related to bum toning! Now my little boy has arrived, I look forward to training with pearl again soon 😄

Claire Pratt


Pearl’s friendly but firm approach to me and also to training led me to enjoy the sessions more than I usually did.
Her wide knowledge not only in weight-cardio training but in calisthenic helped me to work on/with my body a 100% !
She’s a great trainer I can only recommend her to everyone!

Eszter Holka


I love training with Pearl. The training is so varied and different to Pt sessions I’ve had in the past. She’s lovely and so approachable – would definitely recommend her!

Amn Sahota